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Container corner casting

category: Container Twist Lock, conner casting

Thông số chế tạo:

Kích thước: 178*162*118mm

Trọng lượng: 11kg/11.25kg

Đặc tính: Thép

Container corner casting, contaier parts – product of phuong nam phat co., ltd

Name: Container corner casting, container parts

Container corner castng is made of casting steel with low temperature working at -40 °C as standard and the quality is completely in accordance with requirement of international standard.

Container corner casting is used to standard shipping cargo container, one set contains 8pieces ( including 2 Top Left, 2 Top Right, 2 Bottom Left, 2 Bottom Right )


Standard: Container corner fitting as per ISO1161-1984 8pcs in one set (including 2TL, 2TR, 2BL, 2BR)

Technology: These castings are made from special steel design with low temperature working at -40°C as standard.

Surface Treatment: Raw and Shop primer

Material: Casting steel, SCW490


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