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High quality container flooring plywood

category: 28mm Container flooring plywood category: High quality container flooring plywood


28mm Container Flooring PLywood

The products of Phuong Nam Phat Service and Trading Co. Ltd., is performing with the process strict management of quality standards from the selection of raw materials, manufacturing,… to checking, acceptance and handover of products. The main products of our company, including:

Container flooring plywood, High quality container flooring plywood (container Apitong plywood, Keruing plywood).

– Container roof panel, Container corner castings, Container rear corner post, Container front corner post, Container side panels, Container flooring screws…

– We are wholesale container steel spare parts, shipping container spare parts, iso container spare parts.

– Container Door handle, Container Hinge blade, Container Bearing Bracket, Container Cam and Cam Keeper, Container ventilator, Container door gasket…

Hight Container plywood Description
Product name High Quality 28mm Container Flooring Plywood
Place of Origin Viet Nam
Material Mix hard wood
Size 28*1160*2400mm
Thickness 28mm
Weight 65 – 70 kg
Layer 21 ply (19 inner and 2 outer)
Face & Back Keruing veneer 0.6mm
Core Mix Hardcore
Grade A/A, A/B
Color Red
Glue WBP (Phenol, Melamine)
Length&width Tolerance +/-2.5mm
Usage flooring plywood for drycontainer
Boiling test 72 hours in boil water
Density 750 – 800kg/m3
Price $38.8 – $59
Minimum Order Quantity 264 sheets/ 01 container 20′
Parking Stuff 30 – 37 sheets on Pallet and cover by Carton and wire.
Port Ho Chi Minh
Delivery Time 14 days
Payment Terms T/T ( 30/70) or L/C
Supply Ability 30.000 sheets/month


Our product in Containers for Transport by Sea.

Unlike cargo securing as is usual for land transport, cargo carried by sea must also be secured within a container against all ship movements, such as rolling, pitching and yawing. The best way of securing cargo is to distribute it without any gaps over the en-tire floor. If gaps cannot be avoided, the space between the packaging and container walls must be filled using air bags, dunnage or other stowage material.

Individual cargo parts that do not fill up the floor must be secured by being chocked and lashed. Lashing eyes are provided on the longitudinal beams on the floor, roof and corner posts.

Checking containers before loading: Every container shipped on international routes must have a valid CSC plate, as provided in accordance with the International Convention on Safe Containers

Container plywood


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