Container repair service

Where is the professional container repair service?
Containers in the process of use may arise different damage. For example: damaged accessories, damaged housing, damaged floor, dents, chemical oil paint … All can happen and affect the goods and do not meet the standard regulations of the products. freight containers. So the damage of the Container needs to be fixed. Containers can be repaired at the dump or disposed of on site. To complete the repair process, all Container parts need to be assessed in condition and planned or cost the same.

If the business cannot repair the container, you can find a professional repair unit. Phuong Nam Phat Co., Ltd specializes in providing spare parts for building new and replacing Containers. Besides, we also provide container repair services and restore to original state. The repair will also be guaranteed to the specified standards, the container repair price depends on the actual situation. For example, repairable conditions, standards and quality of containers.

In fact, new refrigerated and dry containers also need to be inspected and repaired to ensure they meet shipping standards, just like used containers. New containers should be aware that if a part is damaged and does not meet the requirements, it will affect the goods transported inside it. Old containers often get damaged, if it’s light, things are not too serious. On the contrary, if the damage is severe, it can greatly affect the goods and will cause damage to the carrier and related people.

Where to provide Container repair service?
At the storage yards, there are usually units to repair and fix the damage in the Container. However, there are many places that provide unprofessional services, delay time to fix, and expensive costs. Understanding that problem, Phuong Nam Phat Co., Ltd. besides providing Container spare parts. We also provide repair and replacement of Container spare parts for customers flexibly and quickly with the most reasonable cost.

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