What sets Phuong Nam Phat (PNP) Container Flooring Apart?

Container Flooring Plywood

All container flooring is NOT the same. PNP’s container flooring has 19 “plies” or veneer panels of 100% Apitong/Keruing. PNP’s 100% Apitong/Keruing container floors therefore stronger and more durable for the repair of ocean-going containers.

Having stronger floors means you get more life out of each container. Apitong is a proven material that can handle prolonged heavy duty use. Unlike traditional plywood flooring for containers, these hardwoods don’t need constant maintenance, or repairs. Because they’re made of industrial strength hardwoods, they also do not need to be replaced as often. This keeps your containers in optimal condition over a longer period of time.

28mm Container flooring plywood information

Item Description

Product name: Apitong container flooring plywood 28mm for dry container.

Place of Origin: Viet Nam

Material: Mix hard wood

Size: 28*1160*2400mm, 28*1220*2440mm

Thickness: 28mm

Weight: 55 – 70 kg

Layer: 21 ply (19 inner and 2 outer)

Face & Back: Keruing veneer 0.6mm

Core: Mix hardwood

Grade: A/A, A/B

Color: Red wood

Glue: WBP (Phenol, Melamine)

Price: $38.8 – $59

Minimum Order Quantity: 264 sheets/1 container 20′

Parking: Stuff plywood on pallets and cover by carton, Horizontal 30 sheets/pallet.

Port: Cat Lai

Delivery Time: 14 days

Payment Terms: T/T (30/70) or L/C

Supply Ability: 30.000 sheets/month